Watch 25 Best Hindi Horror Movies Watch Before You Die

Watch 25 Best Hindi Horror Movies Watch Before You Die
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If we talk about Bollywood then we can only think of love stories and movies of the similar genre. However, Bollywood is also known for its horror movies that can scare the hell out of anyone. If you are a person of strong heart then watching horror movies is not a big deal but if you are weak and gets scared easily then you must watch these movies with someone to avoid an unexpected heart attack. So go through the below list of some of the best Hindi horror movies of all time:

One of the scariest and thrilling horror movies in Hindi, this movie has all those spooky and scary stuff with some weird and spine-tingling music that can scare the hell away. With quite a scary script and talented cast, the movie is amongst the best horror Hindi movies.

6. Mahal (1949):


Many of you think old movies are boring to watch but this horror movie will give a new perspective to think. Even with minimum effects and music, this movie can scare you till your last breath. So don’t underestimate any horror movie ever.

7. Bees Saal Baad (1962):


How will you feel when a mysterious woman walking around the field sings a song? Scary, right? Not only you but the entire nation was scared when this movie was released. One of the best Hindi horror movies of all time, you must watch this.

8. Horror Story (2013):


When a group of youngster spends a night in the haunted hotel then what they see? To know watch this movie but beware of the ghostly appearances and the scary events. You may scream in the middle of the movie for some spooky reasons.

9. Shaapit (2010):


How a young boy saves the love of her life from an age-old curse and how the girls suddenly got obsessed with a spirit will give you chills down your spine and will leave you paralyzed. The movie is not something typically scary but somehow stylish in its own. Yet scary enough to thrill you.

10. Phoonk (2008):


When someone does black magic to any of your family members and you witness weird things then you are left with no option. This movie deals with the same and even the director had so much faith in his movie that he challenged that if anyone watched this movie alone in the theater and not run out scared then he will pay him or her Rs 5 lacs. Well RGV that is a huge risk you know.


11. Haunted Child:

bollywood Horror Movies Haunted Child


12. Hostel


13. Rakhi Ki Rooh:


14. Haunted Movie:best hindi horror movies haunted-movie


15. Aatma

hindi horror movies aatma


16. Khoon Ki Pyasi Dayan

 list of 2016 bollywood horror films khoon-ki-pyasi-dayan

17. Kohraa (1964)

list of 2008 bollywood horror films kohraa

18. Bhoot Bangla (1965)

bollywood horror movies 2016 bhootbungla

19. Naina (2005)

hindi horror movies naina

20. Bhayaanak (1979)

hindi horror movies bhayaanak


21.  Woh Kaun Thi? (1964)

hindi horror movies woh kaunthi

22. 404 (2011)

hindi horror movies 404

23. Kaun


24. Bhool Bhulaiyaa


25. phobia


With so many best Hindi horror movies in Bollywood, who needs to watch any other movie? They are scary enough to leave you dumbstruck for many days. So watch these movies at your own risk and try not to get scared. But if you are then avoid watching this movie and have fun with some other genre. However, these movies can get more interesting with actors like Bipasha Basu, Zarine Khan and others who are devilishly charming.


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