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Elizabeth Claire “Ellie” Kemper was born on 2 May 1980. She was born in Kansas City, Missouri, US. She is an American actress, writer and comedian who acted in various movies. She became popular with Netflix comedy series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. She also received critical acclaim for that. She also received positive response for her role as Erin Hanon in the series The Officer for consecutively five seasons. In the films like Bridesmaids and 22 Jump Street, she is known best for her supporting roles. She also joined NBC News as a co-host and hosted the program The Today Show. don’t forget to watch Ellie Kemper hot bikini and make your day.

Ellie Kemper bikini


Ellie Kemper bikini

Ellie Kemper bikini

She is second of the four siblings and her family is one of the wealthiest families in the state if Missouri. She is also the older sister of Carrie Kemper who is a television writer. Ellie has acted in numerous movies and she is one of the most popular actresses and has a huge fan following. Her fame runs long and eh rid still gaining stardom and popularity with her gorgeous looks and beautiful face and sexy figure. You can see Ellie Kemper hot bikini pics to check out her hotness.

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She is a Roman Catholic and is married to her boyfriend Michael Koman and gave birth to a baby boy who is named James Miller Koman. She still looks gorgeous and has also been listed with celebrities like Anna Kendrick, Michelle Rodriguez, Kendall Jenner and others. She is also considered to be a hottest mom and is quite aware of how to maintain herself. She has made her way into the glamor and film industry and is shining bright like a star. You can see he5 movies and enjoy her performance and acting and can also follow her official website to check out Ellie Kemper hot images.

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