10 Popular transgender celebrities U Didn’t Know Any Idea of Them

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When you talk about celebs we always miss out transgender celebs that are so talented and hold a big name in the industry. They are however not much recognized by people and are sometimes criticized as well. These transgender celebrities are one of the most renowned celebrities and are well known by all. Below is the list of transgender celebrities who are famous and are well known as well. So check out the list below and get the islands and know about their fame and popularity:

Born as Laurence Wachowski, Lana completed his gender transition after the release of Speed Racer in the year 2008 and in the year 2012; Lana made her first public appearance as a transgender.

5. Lilly Wachowski:

How a marsupials look like can be known from this celebrity. Check out her transformation along with her sister Lana. They both are an inspiration for people who are transgender.

4. Hari Nef:

If you are going through the list of transgender celebrities then make sure that you check this famous transgender celebs as well who is popular for her speaking on important trans issues and has been supporting transgender with her optimistic opinions and supports.

3. Valentijn De Hingh:

This Hollywood celebrity has been considered one of the famous models and is also one of the famous transgender celebrities. She has undergone gender confirmation surgery at the age of 17 after her project named Valentjin ended. Also she is the first transgender person to be featured by IMG Models.

2. Lili Elbe:

One of the oldest transgender celebrities and one of the first identifiable recipients of sex reassignment surgery, Elbe is the second one to be benefitted from Gohrbandt’s vaginoplasty technique in the year 1931. She also underwent many other surgeries like labiaplasty but died because of the infection caused by the surgery.

1. Andreja Pejic:

This Hollywood celeb is well known for many reasons apart from being a transgender. She has been known as an androgynous male model till 2014 and was also described to be living between genders. She is also the first openly transgender model profiled by Vogue.

The above-mentioned transgender celebrities list is a brief one and many other celebrities are there whom you can follow to get transition goals. You will also get to know the reasons behind their transition and why and how they took the step. Some of them are active supporters of transgender and conduct campaigns for them as well. Changing their gender is totally a personal choice and should not be considered a social issue. They should be accepted like other human beings and should not be biased on the basis of their gender status.

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