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American actress, song writer and singer Mariah Carey is one of the most influential singers of the music industry. She has influenced many stars like Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera etc. and has revolutionised R&B cum Hip Hop songs of the present generation. Mariah Carey bikini images are one of the most popular ones on the internet primarily because of her voluptuous figure which is currently in trend. Currently she is engaged to Australian billionaire James Packer. They got engaged on 21 January, 2016.


Wendy Williams said on her talk show that she does not think that Mariah is gonna marry James. Here are her exact words:



“Like she’s cute and pretty and fun and wealthy and all that stuff. But at the end of the day is she marriage material? Is she the girl you want to be friends with or is she going to be that needy girl buzzing your phone all night long while you’re trying to take care of your life? According to Life & Style magazine, he thinks that her diva behaviour in the beginning was adorable and now he thinks she’s annoying.”


Wendy has previously commented on Mariah’s love life on the talk show. But this time the comment is more contentious. If Mariah does not defend her relationship soon, people might start questioning her character. Wendy even had some advice for James…

“James – here’s the deal. The way you met her is the way she is. Like it or not. You’re late to the party. We all saw her get onto the treadmill on Cribs on MTV. We’ve all seen her ‘sweetie dahling’ routine that she does. We’ve heard the rumours that she only likes her own music playing when she walks into venues and places and her house. I don’t know how true all of this, except I’m saying there is no perfect person. Mariah has been nothing but Mariah since you met her… she’s still been messy but the way her fans like her.”

Wendy says that Mariah has still not divorced her ex husband and rushing into another marriage will be a bad decision for James. Mariah even has two kids to take care of and she can’t think straight according to Wendy.

“So you can’t come along right now Sir and expect her to change into something else. She’s not going to change, James. You have to decide what you want to do. She’s not going to have any more children. She already has her two adorable twins and her body is back. And you already have your kids and you’re still married. You have to sort that out. Why get married? Why don’t you guys just be sexy and date.”


Wendy even made a post on twitter taunting Mariah “HOT QUESTION: @MariahCarey’s fiancé is reportedly tired of her diva behavior. Do you think James knew what he was getting into?”


Mariah Carey to appear on Empire
Aired on Star World Premiere, Empire is a television series based on the life of a family in which all the members are fighting for the ownership of their musical label Empire Entertainment. The show is a very popular television series and has had stars like Cuba Gooding Jr, Rosie O’Donnell and Mary J Blige. Now it is Mariah Carey’s turn to appear on the show.


She posted a sneak peek into her performance on her instagram wall with caption “Here’s a sneak peek of my appearance on #Empire, airing on Wednesday and featuring #Infamous with @jussiesmollett!”

While most of her fans had a positive feedback for her performance, some of them were confused. People are very excited to see on the show. Some of the tweets by her fans are:

“God, this is the definition of cringe worthy!”

“Oh wow… that’s all I can say…”

“Your voice is velvet like beautiful rose,”

“You look amazing! Great work,”



The director/producer of the series has worked with Mariah in the remix version of “Thank God I Found You“. Here is what she has to say about working with the singing sensation


“We just really grew close. I directed a bunch of stuff for her, went on tour with her many times, and I learned a lot about filmmaking through the eye of a music video director. I went on to do film and television, but we definitely have a lot of history together and I feel like I got a great glimpse of the music industry through her eyes and around her — like what really went down in the business. I met all these people because she opened that doorway for me at that time. It’s very kismet.”

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