9 Best List of Bollywood Actress Breast Surgery Story Update

9 Best List of Bollywood Actress Breast Surgery Story Update
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We all have heard about plastic surgeries and all that many people mostly celebs undergo to look beautiful and the way they desire. Plastic surgery not only includes the face but also other body parts and breast enhancement or breast implants  are one of them. We all have seen Hollywood actresses going under the knife to look beautiful and some did looked beautiful while some looked terrible. Bit Bollywood is also not lagging behind in looking glamorous and sexy. There are many celebrities in the B-town who underwent breast implants to look curvy and busty. Below is the list of Bollywood Actresses Breast Surgery that will leave you amazed:

We all know this blabber mouth woman who never refine her words before speaking. She was earlier into doing item songs and sensuous item numbers for which she definitely needed a sexy, curvy body. When asked, this Bold lady didn’t hide the fact that she actually had breast implants done to look this curvy. She is also one of the actresses who had breast implants in Bollywood. However soon she got them removed due to health issues.

4. Kangana Ranaut:kangana-ranaut-boobs

One of the Indian celebrities with breast implants on Bollywood is Kangana Ranaut. We all know how bold and outspoken she is and what kind of attitude she carry. No matter she is one of the finest actresses of Bollywood but her curves aren’t natural. She also went under the knife to get those amazingly curvy bosoms. kangana-ranaut-plastic-surgery-photos


3. Poonam Pandey:


This woman got popular because of her vow which she took while the Cricket World Cup was going on. She said she will strip in open public if India wins the World Cup which was left unfulfilled. But she is definitely fulfilling her other desires such as looking sexy and curvy with those breast implants. She however denies the fact but we can find out from her earlier and recent photos.

2. Mallika Sherawat:Bollywood Actresses Breast Surgery

This woman is known for all the erotic scene in Bollywood right from kissing and all. She has always been seen to show of her body in some sexy outfits and showing of her cleavage from those sneaking dresses. However that cleavage comes form those curvy bosons which she got through breast implants. She is also another Bollywood actress with breast surgery and is looking perfectly sexy now.

Bollywood Actresses Breast Surgery

1. Bipasha Basu:

Bollywood Actresses Breast Surgery

Another Bollywood actress with breast surgery is Bipasha Basu. This dusky bong beauty was never this heavy and busty before but when she dared to go under the blade she became this sexy. Her voluptuous body simply indicates that she is one of the Bollywood actresses with breast implants.


Yu can also check other actresses like Zarine Khan, Priyanka Chopra and others for the same. So if you are also in confusion about how they look this sexy then you must check the list of Bollywood Actresses Breast Surgery and you will get to know how they do that.

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