Top 5 Bollywood Wardrobe Malfunction – Must Watch

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All Bollywood divas have truly covetable style with designer couture flaunting at a film promotions, walking on ramps or during social gathering. It’s all about the look and personal style they create to mesmerize their onlookers. Though sometimes due to ill fate the fashion and designer clothing can go faux pas showing a glimpse of their skin. However this Bollywood wardrobe malfunction may not affect them as they carry themselves with lot of attitude. Let’s sneak peek into famous Bollywood actress malfunction:



Kareena Kapoor:



The most iconic and reigning queen of Bollywood industry has always bewitched her fans with her films to her “Safeena tattoo” and now to her latest pregnancy fashionista.


How could her clothing malfunction go unnoticed? She was seen with her dress slipped to her shoulders revealing more than her cleavage, a stranger offered her helping hand to adjust her dress. Not to forget the most famous malfunction made headlines of Bebo’s blouse. It was given a temporary support of holding it with a safety pin.


Kangana Ranaut:

Bollywood Wardrobe Malfunction kangana-ranaut-oops

A bold actress with her adept acting has won the national award and many hearts. She experienced a déjà vu situation ( in movie fashion while walking on ramp wardrobe malfunction) during a glamorous event walking on ramp with her skimpy feathery raiment which was too short at the back revealing derriere. It’s cool thing for Kangana as she can manage everything with a Queen’s attitude.

It’s cool thing for Kangana as she can manage everything with a Queen’s attitude.

Bollywood Wardrobe Malfunction kangana-ranaut



Jacqueline Fernandez:



Bollywood Wardrobe Malfunction jacqueline-fernandez

The Sri Lankan beauty has swoon her fans by her hot dance in ‘Chitiya kalaiya ve and Jumme ki raat h ‘songs. Jacqueline was dress to nines in her stunning black outfit, but a small dysfunction in her bespoke attire and her few buttons were unbuttoned could reveal her back. The tinsel town girl had escaped this little mishap after a friend in need Sonam Kapoor came at her rescue. However, it could not be hidden from the media and oops moment was captured in cameras.

Bollywood Wardrobe Malfunction jacqueline-fernandez-oops


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